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Other Available
P235/65R17 Tires

USED Tire and USED Rim searches only. Call for New tires and rims.
This is NOT a COMPLETE list of our inventory.  The search will give all 18 inch to 22 inch tires, most truck and SUV sizes from 15 inch to 17 inch, most 17 inch passenger car sizes and select sizes between 14 inch to 16 inch.  Common sizes are not cataloged.
CALL THE SHOP if you don't see what you are looking for.  We probably have it but it's not cataloged. 
Check back often as our inventory always changes or submit a Tire Request. 

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 SizeBrandModelSidewallTreadPriceQuantityGradeStock #Notes
View P235/65R17GoodyearNordic WinterNA 9/32 call 4 NA5938 
View P235/65R17GislavedNord Frost 100 SUVBW 8/32 call 4 A5863 
View P235/65R17MichelinLatitude X-Ice Xi2NA 7/32 call 4 NA6472 
View P235/65R17GoodyearWrangler SR-ABW 8/32 call 2 NA6602 
View P235/65R17GoodyearWrangler HPSB 9/32 call 2 NA6606 
View P235/65R17MichelinPrimacy MXV4BW 7/32 call 2 NA6614 
View P235/65R17KumhoSolus KL 21NA 8/32 call 2 NA6629 
View P235/65R17IronmanPolar TraxNA 9/32 call 2 A5864 
View P235/65R17BridgestoneBlizzak DM-Z3 with UNI-TNA 6/32 call 2 NA5458 
View P235/65R17BridgestoneBlizzak WS70NA 10/32 call 2 NA5491 
View P235/65R17MinervaEco-Stud-SuvNA 11/32 call 2 NA6413 
View P235/65R17BridgestoneBlizzak DM-V1BW 5/32 call 2 NA5481 
View P235/65R17KumhoSolus KL 21NA 9/32 call 1 NA6373 
View P235/65R17HankookKinergy GTBW 9/32 call 1 NA6638 
View P235/65R17MichelinLTX A/SBW 10/32 call 1 NA6640 
View P235/65R17GislavedNord Frost 3NA 7/32 call 1 NA2832 
View P235/65R17TRAIL GUIDE Radial APOWL 10/32 call 1 NA6000 
View P235/65R17MichelinEnergy MXV4 PlusNA 10/32 call 1 NA6254 
View P235/65R17AntaresComfort A5BW 8/32 call 1 NA6585 
View P235/65R17MichelinCross TerrainNA 10/32 call 1 NA6349 
View 235/65R17MichelinLatitude X-Ice Xi2NA 9/32 call 4 NA6471 

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