Queenston Tire St. Catharines
313 Ontario Street - St. Catharines ON, L2R5L3
Queenston Tire St. Catharines
313 Ontario Street - St. Catharines ON, L2R5L3
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USED Tire and USED Rim searches only. Call for New tires and rims.
This is NOT a COMPLETE list of our inventory.  The search will give all 18 inch to 22 inch tires, most truck and SUV sizes from 15 inch to 17 inch, most 17 inch passenger car sizes and select sizes between 14 inch to 16 inch.  Common sizes are not cataloged.
CALL THE SHOP if you don't see what you are looking for.  We probably have it but it's not cataloged. 
Check back often as our inventory always changes or submit a Tire Request. 

Our Current 18 Inch Tire Inventory
Sort Results By:
 SizeBrandModelSidewallTreadPriceQuantityGradeStock #Notes
View P295/30R18MichelinPilot SportNA 10/32 call 2 NA2772 
View P275/65R18HankookWinter IPike RW11NA 8/32 call 2 NA3109 
View P275/65R18PowertracPrimeMarchBW 8/32 call 2 NA6596 
View P275/65R18GoodyearWrangler SR-ARWL 6/32 call 2 B5793 
View P275/65R18GoodyearWrangler SR-AOWL 8/32 call 1 NA6557 
View P275/65R18GoodyearWrangler AT AdventureOWL 10/32 call 1 NA6099 
View P275/65R18GoodyearWrangler SR-ANA 14/32 call 1 NA5201 
View P275/60R18GoodyearWrangler SR-AOWL 11/32 call 1 NA6601 
View P275/35R18GoodyearEagle F1 SupercarNA 5/32 call 2 NA1040Run Flat Tire. 4/32 in middle.
View P275/35R18MichelinPilot HX MXM4NA 6/32 call 1 NA1169 
View P265/70R18GoodyearWrangler SR-ANA 7/32 call 1 NA3994 
View P265/60R18MichelinLatitude TourNA 7/32 call 2 NA4524 
View P265/60R18MichelinDefender LTX M/SNA 11/32 call 1 NA2133 
View P265/60R18MichelinLTX A/SOWL 12/32 call 1 NA2660 
View P265/60R18YokohamaGeolandar H/T-SNA 8/32 call 1 NA1038 
View P255/70R18BridgestoneDueler H/T 684NA 8/32 call 2 NA6216 
View P255/70R18ToyoOpen CountryNA 8/32 call 2 NA3298 
View P255/70R18BridgestoneDueler AT RH-SOWL 8/32 call 2 NA6367OWL
View P255/70R18BridgestoneDueler AT RH-SOWL 8/32 call 1 NA3712 
View P255/70R18PirelliScorpion STRNA 11/32 call 1 NA2203 
View P255/55R18MichelinLatitude Tour HPOWL 5/32 call 2 NA5670 
View P255/55R18MichelinLatitude TourNA 7/32 call 2 NA1078Run Flat Tire
View P255/55R18FirestoneDestination LE 2BW 8/32 call 1 NA5737 
View P255/55R18MichelinLatitude Tour HPNA 10/32 call 1 NA1700 
View P255/55R18BridgestoneDueler H/L 400NA 8/32 call 1 NA1823Run Flat Tire

About Queenston Tire St. Catharines

QUEENSTON TIRE offers discounted new tires and quality used tires in most sizes.  Servicing the Niagara Region, this is the shop that does the job right when it comes to tires.
Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm
Saturday 8 am to 3 pm
Sunday CLOSED 
We accept DEBIT, VISA, Mastercard and Cash
Call us at 905-688-3232 
313 Ontario Street, St. Catharines 
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